Me Myself and I Radio Episode 24  (Part 2/2) show notes

Dreaming with Joe Pardo (Part 2/2)

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On this episode of the Me Myself and I podcast, I conclude my interview with my guest Joe Pardo. As you probably already know on the show I like to discuss self discovery and self development. Something my guest today is very familiar with…Getting up, putting yourself out there and taking on your obstacles head on–despite your circumstances.

Dreaming with Joe Pardo

Joe and Melissa visit West Palm!

That being said, Joe Pardo has overcome some difficult odds this past year when he decided to become an entrepreneur. What I find even more fascinating and inspiring, is that he used this as an opportunity to show the rest of the world that it’s okay to follow your heart, and to help others in the process.

I’ve got to commend Joe. Not many people have the ability to see things for what they could be, as opposed to what they are. Joe sees the good in everything around. He is a genuine, charismatic guy with huge things in store.
With a resume about as long as my arm, Pardo is the Voice of The Dreamers Podcast and Author of 31 Life Changing Concepts. I consider Joe to be a mentor, however today I call him a friend. Our conversation was too good for one 30 minute episode. This Part 2.

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Listen as Joe explains how to make your own Dreams come true_


  1. What obstacles has dreaming helped you overcome?
  2. Why don’t more people pursue their dreams?
  3. What website, resource, or book can you recommend to help our audience learn more on today’s topic?
  4. How can people connect with you and find our more about all of your great projects?


Notable Quotations:

“Everyday I wake up and make a decision to press forward. I could get a job somewhere if I really wanted but I believe I’d be doing the wrong thing for myself, my future, my family and the world.” -Joe Pardo

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31 Life Changing Concepts By: Joe Pardo

Connect with Joe

Read my review for Joe’s debut book: here

Final Thoughts:

All dreams are attainable as long as you believe in yourself. Joe tells us “society starts with you.” It is not always all or nothing. It’s about doing something to get yourself started on the path to your success. DREAM BIG! DREAM ON!

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“Control the controllable, as for the rest Keep on flowing…Just be.”

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